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Tastefully decorating with American flags

Welcome to summer! Many of you are already traveling or are busy planning your summer BBQs. Thank you for continuing to support us at the store and through social media! Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up to…

Welcome Our New Vendors

New vendors joining us this month are Judy Plotkin and Hazel Butterfield Tate! Both are staples at the local vintage markets and we are ecstatic to have them in the shop.

Judy was previously at Sisters Gifts and Home in Los Alamos and specializes in authentic country primitives with time worn finishes and patina. Hazel hails from Sydney, Australia and previously had a studio in London. She collects vintage fabrics from her global travels and reconstructs them into one-of-a-kind pieces for another generation to enjoy.

Find their booth by following the scent of fresh dried lavender made into sachets!

How to Tastefully Decorate with American Flags this 4th of July

First, find a vintage flag (we have them available) instead of buying a new one. Second, decide if you want a formal or casual display.

For a formal setting, always hang the flag vertically with the stars in the upper left. It’s counterintuitive, but U.S. Flag Code says so (yes, there is an official flag code) and it’s classier than hanging horizontal.

For casual settings, we drape our flags. This is against flag code, but these are vintage flags and not the current official 50-star flag. These flags are faded and worn and are no longer fit for official display, but are not so soiled, torn, or damaged that they need to be destroyed.

How to Easily and Quickly Tell If Your Flag is Vintage

If the stars are in an even grid, it’s a vintage 48-star flag (1912-1958). If the stars are staggered, it’s a newer 50-star flag (1959-present). And if it has 49, 47, or fewer stars, you have a very rare flag that should probably be in a museum. Luckily we have plenty of vintage 48 and 50-star flags in many different sizes to choose from for all your decorating needs this July 4th.

Upcoming Events

Dani Hahn | The Color of Roses Book Signing August 3 | 4-6PM

We are excited for our book signing reception to coincide with the Whizin center’s First Thursday events each month. The signing will be with Dani Hahn from Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria and her new book, The Color of Roses. The book has been a hit with our customers and was just featured on Good Morning America and Martha Stewart’s TV show.

Check out The Agoura Antique Mart any Sunday-Thursday, 11am-6pm, and Friday-Saturday, 10am-7pm, at 28879 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, or on Instagram at @TheAgouraAntiqueMart.


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